The festival programme

Hangö Teaterträff is an annual festival where performing arts are presented, experienced, discussed and developed. The festival is one of the main events within the Swedish-language theatre of Finland, connecting the local, international, traditional and experimental. It is a gathering of performing arts in the small town of Hanko in the unique archipelago of the southernmost point of mainland Finland.

The nominated performances for the Antonia Award are…

At least four performances are nominated for the Antonia Award 2022, which will be presented on Saturday, 11 June at […]

Brecht on Bromarvgatan – preliminary reflections on She She Pop’s Besessen

Critic Valter Sandell examines She She Pop’s Besessen and its theme of ownership. Can theater shine light on phenomena such as unpaid work, economy of promises, and complex forms of exploitation in ways that create space for mutual action towards change?