Hangö teaterträff is an annual festival where performing arts are presented, experienced, discussed and developed. The festival is one of the main events within the Swedish-language theatre of Finland, connecting the local, international, traditional and experimental. A gathering of performing arts in the small town of Hanko in the unique archipelago of the southernmost point of mainland Finland.



The first Hangö Teaterträff was arranged in 1992 as an intimate gathering of theatre professionals and enthusiasts in the small town of Hangö, the southernmost point of the finnish mainland. The festival was founded by visual artist Antonia Ringbom and theatre director Joakim Groth, and after Miki Pöysti joined the team in 1993, he and Antonia Ringbom led the festival until 2016. Throughout the years the festival has developed into a central platform for the swedish speaking theatre field in Finland, presenting a wide range of performing arts by mainly Finnish-Swedish artists with additional international and finnish language guests, workshops, lectures, debates and parties.


In 2016 the festival was subject to a generation shift as Pöysti and Ringbom retired from their leading positions. The 2017 edition of the festival will be the first for the new board consisting of Jonas Welander, Anni Klein, Kira-Emmi Pohtokari, Annina Blom, Tom Rejström, Sinna Virtanen and Rasmus Slätis.  

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