Hangö Teaterträff 2020: How to participate?

4.50pm The Festival Foyer opens!

The festival foyer (Foaje) is a virtual meeting place on Zoom where you can discuss the evening’s programme with both your fellow festival goers as well as the artists themselves!

Foyer programme:

16.50 Foajé opens
17.45 Nina-Maria Häggblom chats about Minnesbyrån
18.15 Lisen Rosell & Nadja Hjorton chat about Cuteness Overload
19.00 The discussion Theatre and technology continues with Laura Gröndahl, Jukka von Boehm & Anna-Sofia Nylund
19.20 Alexander Holmlund chats about Torbjörn LIVE
19.40 Sebastian Bark & Anni Klein chat about Kanon Remote
21.00 Critic Cecilia Djurberg chats about the programme, Antonia Award and much else
22.00 The discussion Festival Bar continues with Linnea Stara, Lasse Garoff & Glitcher

5pm-10pm Hangö Teaterträff 2020: Festival stream

The festival will be streamed live from Hanko’s beautiful Villa Tellina! Hosts Tom Rejström and Kia Svaetichin will guide you through the program, which includes short films, live performances, discussions and interviews. The live stream can be seen at Yle Areena.

You’ll find more information on each event below!

Durational: teater 90°: Norppa-live med teater 90°

Language: Swedish, Finnish, English
Age recommendation: 12+

Norppa-live is an experimental chapter in the group’s artistic work that deals with escapism and freedom. During the festival day, the group will do live experiments with scenes whose creative process the audience can witness via webcam.

The work will be ongoing for 20 hours, and you can follow it live via Zoom or Yle AreenaThe festival stream will also look in on the performance every now and then!

5:20-5:50pm Holmlund, Gullmets, Öwre, Storhannus, Forsbacka: Torbjörn LIVE

Language: Swedish
Age recommendation: 12+
Content warning: The performance deals with mental illness and the apocalypse

Torbjörn LIVE is an interactive story, a virtual adventure about an adult in their childhood bedroom. Viewers can direct Torbjörn, as certain sentences or commands written by the viewer in the chatroom can make Torbjörn react.

To participate in the performance, open Zoom and give commands or directions to Torbjörn via the chat. You can also follow the performance on Yle Areena.

5:30-7pm & 8-9:30pm She She Pop: Kanon Remote

Language: Swedish, Finnish, English, German, Spanish

Call centre, helpline or hotline: Kanon Remote isn’t a show, it’s a service. Whoever calls up will get one of the cast of Kanon Remote on the phone and hear about an essential moment in the performing arts. But the list is also open for your own tales and entries into the canon.

How do I participate in Kanon Remote?

  1. Choose your preferred language. The languages available are English, Swedish, Finnish, German and Spanish.
  2. Wait for the right time. The hotline is active at 5:30-7pm and 8-9:30pm. If you get no answer, call another number or wait 15 minutes and try again.
  3. Dial one of the numbers and reach (with a little luck) a team member. (You yourself remain anonymous.)
  4. Let yourself be told about a special theatre or performance moment.
  5. If you like, report such a memory yourself. Loose fragments and single images from one evening are enough.
  6. The performances mentioned in the narrated memories will be noted down in a list and published on Hangö Teaterträff’s website – the list will be updated throughout the evening!
  7. Almost everything that is not recounted will be forgotten.

The Canon list will be updated live throughout the evening here.

6:10pm Discussion: Theatre and technology

Language: Swedish

The history of theatre is full of examples of various technologies, materials and working methods that have made a crucial impact on the artistic nature of performances. This progress has often been difficult to observe, and only when a sudden turn of events like Covid-19 gives rise to an even bigger change do these developments become more visible. What is needed for theatre to leap into a new technological environment? How does that affect the ways in which we create and experience theatre?

The discussion will deal with some of the same subjects as the article Teater och teknologi by Laura Gröndahl, published in HTT skrift (only available in Swedish and Finnish).

Participants: Laura Gröndahl, Jukka von Boehm, Anna-Sofia Nylund
Moderator: Tom Rejström

The discussion is included in the festival stream on Yle Areena.

Durational: Nina-Maria Häggblom: Minnesbyrån

Language: Swedish
Age recommendation: 18+
Content warning:
 Descriptions of vomit

Minnesbyrån is an experiment on what an interactive and digital theatre piece could look like. In the work, reality and fantasy are woven together on an imagined ferry trip where the participant can decide how the story takes place.

Minnesbyrån (The Memory Agency) is controlled entirely by a robot (bot). To participate you will need a computer, smartphone or tablet with an internet connection and headphones. Minnesbyrån is available on Facebook Messenger, and only in Swedish. Choose a quiet location ideally. The play time is approx. 30 min.

If you are using a smartphone or tablet:

  1. Open the Messenger app and search for Minnesbyran.
  2. Select “Hangö 2020 – Minnesbyrån” and tap on “Kom igång” to begin.

If you are using a computer:

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to: m.me/minnesbyranhango
  3. Log in (if needed)
  4. Tap on “Kom igång” to begin.

7:05-8:05pm Hjorton, Rosell, Efraimsson & Bergsmark: Cuteness Overload

Language: Swedish
Age recommendation: 12+

Cuteness Overload is based on the performance with the same name, but experiments with how the film medium can collaborate with the performing arts in order to create something unique. The group dreams of giving the public a feeling of presence and of approaching the means with which the performance can be experienced in real life. The group wants to explore ways of capturing the humour and aesthetic of the performance through film.

You can see the film via the live stream on Yle Areena.

8:05-8:20pm Interview on the mediatisation of the female body

Language: Swedish

Host Kia Svaetichin interviews philosopher and gender studies researcher Salla Aldrin Salskov about Cuteness Overload and Distant Dildos, which both deal with the mediatisation of female bodies. What do works like these mean in these times?

The interview is partly based on a text written by Aldrin Salskov, published on HTT skrift here (available only in Swedish)!

You can see the interview via the live stream on Yle Areena.

8:20-8:40pm Glitcher: Distant Dildos – Whatever happened to The Porn Horror Musical?

Language: Swedish, one scene in English
Age recommendation: 16+
Content warning:
 Blood, gore, violence, sexual and erotic content, nudity

Distant Dildos is the moody twin sister of the performance The Porn Horror Musical. In this new eulogy, Glitcher mourns the dying of The Porn Horror Musical. Welcome to this funeral and/or baptizing. A new beginning, an old end. Brace yourselves: this is Glitcher turning over in the ashes of its own slaughter.

You can see the short film via the live stream on Yle Areena.

8:45-9:35pm Discussion: Festival Bar

Language: Swedish

Hangö Teaterträff 2020 is reaching its end, but what is a festival without hanging at the bar discussing the day? This festival panel will summarise, speculate and dream about a world after the Covid-19 crisis.

Participants: Linnea Stara, Lasse Garoff, Josefine Fri, Emelie Zilliacus
Moderators: Kia Svaetichin och Tom Rejström

The discussion is included in the festival stream on Yle Areena.

9:40pm Antonia-priset 2020 delas ut

Every year Hangö Teaterträff presents the Antonia Award for artistic bravery and diversity in Finnish-Swedish theatre. Three performances are nominated for this year’s award: Nya Rampen & Teater Viirus: Hamlet All Inclusive, Sirius Teatern: Infinito and DuvTeatern, Svenska Teatern, Resonaarigroup & Wegelius Kammarstråkar WKS: I Det Stora Landskapet – en sagolik familjekrönika.

This year’s jury consists of dance artists, and choreographer Liisa Pentti acts as the chairperson. Dance artists Aksinja Lommi and Karolina Ginman make up the rest of the jury.

You can see the award presentation via the live stream on Yle Areena.

22pm Afterparty: Distant Disco

A virtual festival must obviously have a virtual party – a platform for chatting, music and dance. The stage is yours. With: Jukka Hannukainen, Malin Nyqvist, Paula Lehtonen. The Disco is streamed live from Unga Teatern.

Distant Disco takes place on YouTube.