Antoniajuryn sitter ute i solen och ler mot kameran.

The Antonia Award jury for 2022 is here!

Hangö Teaterträff celebrates its 30th anniversary next year, but we thought we’d take a head start by celebrating next year’s Antonia Award jury. The award is presented yearly to a Finnish-Swedish work that has shown artistic bravery and diversity, and it is named after one of the festival’s founders, Antonia Ringbom. The jury changes every year, consisting of professional groups in the theatre field, which means that Antonia herself has never chosen the winner – until now!

“I almost fell off the stage when the board first declared that the award would bear my name. And now, when Hangö Teaterträff is about to celebrate its 30th festival, I will finally get the honour of being part of the jury itself!” – Antonia Ringbom

The 2022 jury consists of experienced festival collaborators: Antonia Ringbom (chairperson and one of the festival’s founders), Erik ‘Miki’ Pöysti (vice-chairperson, organiser, volunteer), Riitta Ketelimäki (organiser), Anders Sundström (theatre technician and all-around mood booster) and Paul Olin (director, actor, award winner, jury).

The jury held its founding meeting on September 1, and sincerely hopes that this theatre year will be flourishing and intense and that the straitjacket the field has suffered from during the pandemic can finally be removed.

The Antonia Award will be presented during the Hangö Teaterträff festival, which will be celebrated on June 9-12 2022.