Ett ansikte i två delar, ena åt rätt håll, andra upp och ner.

Artist selections for the festival’s newest project have been published

Artist selections for Hangö Teaterträff’s most recent project have now been made. The project supports artists who graduated during Covid-19 and who have as a consequence lost opportunities to establish themselves on the art field.

The artists were chosen by guest curators Emma Castro Møller (Warehouse9, Copenhagen) and Karoline Skuseth (BIT-Teatergarasjen, Bergen), who will also act as artistic advisors. In addition, the artists will receive guidance from the festival staff throughout the production process. The project is supported by Arts Promotion Center Finland.

“Co-producing works and furthering their long-term processes has been one of our goals for a long time now. Many of the artists we work with often work alone, so it feels good to try different ways of working,” says Jonas Welander, one of the festival’s artistic directors. The project also allows the festival to develop new collaboration models and more sustainable production methods. The artists and works chosen for the project are:

Anna-Sofia Nylund’s site-specific work examines humanity’s attitude to nature and vegetation within the framework of gardens. The curators motivated their choice with the work’s “powerful adaptation and multidisciplinary and multi-aesthetic significance”.

Antonia Henn’s work is based on an underwater fantasy, and addresses fantasies, death, and the longing for rest, as well as death as transformation and a continuum, an embrace and safety. The curators motivated their choice with the work’s “distinct style and aesthetics”.

The performances will premiere at the 2023 Hangö Teaterträff festival, which will be organised on 8–11 June.