Kollage av två bilder på Tom Rejström och Jonas Welander som står ute i solen med blå himmel i bakgrunden.

Hangö Teaterträff’s Artistic Directors continue in 2023–2024 & a new board chairperson for 2022–2023

Tom Rejström and Jonas Welander continue as the Artistic Directors of Hangö Teaterträff in 2023–2024, and Kristina Grönqvist was chosen as the Board’s new chairperson. Besides Grönqvist, the 2022–2023 board consists of Ville Sandqvist, Juha-Heikki Tihinen, Kira-Emmi Pohtokari, Aune Kallinen, Susanne Kollin, Linus Mäkelä, and Elin Westerlund.

The Artistic Directors look forward to realising the many collaborations that were initiated during the pandemic.

“We look forward towards the festival’s future horizons with a focus on the local. In the upcoming year, we will have a handful of site-specific works that address, among other things, urban planning, the sea as an environment, and the gardens in Hanko. Together with the board, our Managing Director Inkeri Rönnberg, and an amazing team, we look forward to co-producing several new works, which in itself is a way to strengthen the working conditions of independent performance artists and thereby supporting the existence of contemporary theatre.”
– Tom Rejström & Jonas Welander