Kollage av två bilder, på vänstra sidan är Emelie Zilliacus och på högra sidan är Martin Paul.

The new artistic directors for Hangö Teaterträff have been chosen

The new artistic directors for Hangö Teaterträff 2025–2027 have now been chosen! The position will be filled by Emelie Zilliacus och Martin Paul, both members of the performance collective Glitcher.

“We are very happy to welcome Emelie and Martin to Hangö Teaterträff! As an experienced working pair with a keen eye and a passion for both performing arts, the theatre field and the festival itself, their knowledge, eagerness and commitment will enrich the festival. Although they have a relatively short work experience, they are well versed in various tasks. The recruitment team was impressed by Zilliacus & Paul’s vision for the festival. They have a goal-oriented and artistic attitude that takes into account the challenges and opportunities of performing arts in a world torn by climate crisis, racism and war. We look forward to working with them and supporting their vision to create the festival in the coming years!”

Hangö Teaterträff’s board

“We are incredibly happy and grateful for the trust and eagerly await the start of the work for the coming years. We look forward to carrying on the tradition and role Hangö Teaterträff has as a gathering point for performing arts, both from a Finnish-Swedish, local and international perspective. Theatre as an art form finds its strength in the fact that it is so unifying, it works and operates in the collective and therefore has the potential to act as a counterpoint to the individualising and polarising trends we see in society today. This, combined with theatre’s ability to subvert its context, to freely imagine new realities and wedge utopias into everyday life, makes the theatre festival a powerful and important place.”

Emelie Zilliacus & Martin Paul

The current artistic directors Jonas Welander and Tom Rejström finish their run after this year’s festival, which will be held on 6–9 June. The new artistic directors’ first festival will take place in June 2025.

The recruitment process was carried out by Hangö Teaterträff’s board, which consists of chairperson Kristina Grönqvist, Ville Sandqvist, Juha-Heikki Tihinen, Kira-Emmi Pohtokari, Aune Kallinen, Susanne Kollin, Linus Mäkelä och Elin Westerlund.