Artist selections for the festival’s newest project have been published

The works by Anna-Sofia Nylund and Antonia Henn will premiere during Hangö Teaterträff 2023.

The nominated performances for the Antonia Award are…

At least four performances are nominated for the Antonia Award 2022, which will be presented on Saturday, 11 June at […]

Brecht on Bromarvgatan – preliminary reflections on She She Pop’s Besessen

Critic Valter Sandell examines She She Pop’s Besessen and its theme of ownership. Can theater shine light on phenomena such as unpaid work, economy of promises, and complex forms of exploitation in ways that create space for mutual action towards change?

Artist selections for the Kulkue project announced

Artists have been selected for the Kulkue project, which develops touring activities between festivals. The themes covered by the artwork of the selected seven working groups range from the creation of queer spaces to urban planning.

Hangö Teaterträff 2022: Kick-off

Are you interested in being a volunteer at Hangö Teaterträff 2022? Welcome to our kick-off on 22 March!

Hangö Teaterträff is looking for an intern

Apply by 23rd of March!

ANTI Festival, Baltic Circle and Hangö Teaterträff are calling for performance proposals

Apply by 1 March 2022!

Inkeri Rönnberg takes over as Hangö Teaterträff’s executive manager

Hangö Teaterträff’s board has chosen Inkeri Rönnberg as the festival’s new executive manager.

ANTI festival’s, Baltic Circle’s, and Hangö Teaterträff’s mutual project receives funding

Suomen kulttuurirahasto has granted the Kulkue project financial aid.

Pleasure as Action

What does pleasure mean for us? Can we feel it when we create something? Are we allowed to?