Queers on Finnish-Swedish stages!

What are queer performing arts? What does it look like on Finnish-Swedish stages? In honour of queer history month, we’ve asked Willjam Tigerstedt to write about queerness on stage.

The Death of the Dramatist

A dialogue between dramatists Sinna Virtanen and Isabel Cruz Liljegren.

Whizz, whirr, bang, clang! by Hav-Anna Company & Viirus win the Antonia Award

The award was given out at the

The Antonia Award nominees for 2023 are…

Four works are nominated for this year’s Antonia Award.

The inherited roles that drive us cuckoo

Rosanna Fellman writes about alienation, national identity, and Jaha Koo’s Cuckoo.

The Antonia Award jury for 2023 is here!

The 2023 jury consists of authors.

Hangö Teaterträff’s Artistic Directors continue in 2023–2024 & a new board chairperson for 2022–2023

Tom Rejström and Jonas Welander continue as the Artistic Directors of Hangö Teaterträff in 2023–2024, with Kristina Grönqvist as the Board’s new chairperson.

Artist selections for the festival’s newest project have been published

The works by Anna-Sofia Nylund and Antonia Henn will premiere during Hangö Teaterträff 2023.

The nominated performances for the Antonia Award are…

At least four performances are nominated for the Antonia Award 2022, which will be presented on Saturday, 11 June at […]

Brecht on Bromarvgatan – preliminary reflections on She She Pop’s Besessen

Critic Valter Sandell examines She She Pop’s Besessen and its theme of ownership. Can theater shine light on phenomena such as unpaid work, economy of promises, and complex forms of exploitation in ways that create space for mutual action towards change?