The Antonia Award of 2024 goes to two performances: Cowboy försvunnen and Läkaren

This year, two works will be awarded: Cowboy försvunnen by Otto Sandqvist and Läkaren by Svenska Teatern.

The Antonia Award nominees for 2024 are…

Three performances are nominated for this years Antonia Award.

The new artistic directors for Hangö Teaterträff have been chosen

The position will be filled by Emelie Zilliacus och Martin Paul, both members of the performance collective Glitcher.

Whizz, whirr, bang, clang! by Hav-Anna Company & Viirus win the Antonia Award

The award was given out at the

The Antonia Award nominees for 2023 are…

Four works are nominated for this year’s Antonia Award.

The Antonia Award jury for 2023 is here!

The 2023 jury consists of authors.

Hangö Teaterträff’s Artistic Directors continue in 2023–2024 & a new board chairperson for 2022–2023

Tom Rejström and Jonas Welander continue as the Artistic Directors of Hangö Teaterträff in 2023–2024, with Kristina Grönqvist as the Board’s new chairperson.

Artist selections for the festival’s newest project have been published

The works by Anna-Sofia Nylund and Antonia Henn will premiere during Hangö Teaterträff 2023.

The nominated performances for the Antonia Award are…

At least four performances are nominated for the Antonia Award 2022, which will be presented on Saturday, 11 June at […]

Artist selections for the Kulkue project announced

Artists have been selected for the Kulkue project, which develops touring activities between festivals. The themes covered by the artwork of the selected seven working groups range from the creation of queer spaces to urban planning.