Four youths stand with their backs to the camera, one throwing a dart at a big panel that says HTT and on which balloons filled with paint have been popped. The ocean lies in the background.


Hangö Teaterträff is an annual festival where performing arts are presented, experienced, discussed and developed. The festival is one of the main events within the Swedish-language theatre of Finland, connecting the local, international, traditional and experimental. It is a gathering of performing arts in the small town of Hanko in the unique archipelago of the southernmost point of mainland Finland.


An invitation to Hangö Teaterträff on 12–14 June 1993, with the text written with a typewriter and with drawings by Antonia Ringbom.

Thus rang the invitation for the first Hangö Teaterträff in 1992, a small-scale meeting point for theatre professionals and enthusiasts. The festival was first founded by artist Antonia Ringbom and director Joakim Groth. In 1993, Erik “Miki” Pöysti became on of the organisers and led the festival with Antonia Ringbom for over two decades along with a board with varying members. During the festival’s 25th year in 2016, Antonia and Miki announced that they would step down from the festival’s management. A new board was chosen and they took on the role of artistic directors for the next three years. In 2019, after the 28th festival, a reform took place in the organisation’s structure: the board and the artistic directors became separate entities. The artistic directors for 2020-2022 are Anni Klein, Tom Rejström and Jonas Welander.

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