Festival centre

Hangö Teaterträff has a festival centre that functions as a gathering place for the festival’s audience, artists, and workers. It is a place for people to spend time together, relax, and have something to eat and drink. Our ticket sales are located at the festival centre, where you can also join us for our panel discussions and club nights.

The festival centre is located in Brankis (Nycanderinkatu 8), and it is open throughout the festival. During the day, the centre’s program includes panel discussions, while in the evenings we celebrate with the festival’s club program. The café and the bar are kept by Cafferie Hanko. Everything served at the festival centre is vegan. Once the club program begins, the festival centre becomes restricted to those over 18 years.

Opening hours:

Thursday 6 June at 3–1am
Friday 7 June at 10am–2am
Saturday 8 June at 10am–2am
Sunday 9 June at 10am–5pm

Ticket sales:

Thursday 8 June at 3–5pm
Friday 9 June at 11am–5pm
Saturday 10 June at 11am–5pm

Café and bar:

Thursday 6 June at 4pm–1am
Friday 7 June at 4pm–2am
Saturday 8 June at 4pm–2am

Accessibility at the festival centre

The main door is quite heavy and not automatic. There are several parking spaces nearby. Inside, there is a stairlift and handrails on the stairs. There are also places to rest as well as gender-neutral toilets, one of which is accessible.