Hangö Teaterträff is a sustainable festival

Hangö Teaterträff aims towards an environmentally sustainable festival. We wish to with all means counter contamination, food waste and littering. At this festival we put an effort in waste sorting, more sustainable transport and organic food.

We also take into account that Hanko is a coastal town and that possible waste or litter could end up in the Baltic Sea, which we want to prevent.

During the festival we support and encourage easy, everyday, sustainable choices such as carpooling, bringing your own water bottle and avoiding the use of single-use cutlery.


Hangö Teaterträff is a safe space for everyone

Hangö Teaterträff welcomes everyone to enjoy the festival program in a positive and respectful atmosphere. There is zero tolerance for all kinds of harassing or discriminating behaviour. In case you encounter or witness this sort of behaviour please be in contact with the festival staff and we will intervene.

Safer space guidelines

1. Let’s not assume consent. Let’s ask for it!
2. Let’s respect the physical, mental and emotional boundaries of others as well as our own.
3. Let’s not assume the identity, sexuality, gender, health and background of others.
4. Let’s respect the opinions, beliefs and experiences of others even when they differ from ours.
5. Let’s be aware of our prejudices, privileges, behaviour and the space we occupy.
6. Let’s strive to act with positive intent and take care of each other.
7. No harassment or discrimination whatsoever, no homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, ableism, fatphobia etc.