Åbo Svenska Teater: Batman bor inte här längre

12+ Price: 18 Length: 2 h 20 min. Language: Swedish

A fresh drama about friendship, growing up, and about family secrets. And the crucial question: when is it too late to say you’re sorry?

Robin’s dad used to be his best playmate, and Robin used to call him Batman. But Daddy leaves the wife and the family, an creates a big emptyness in Robin’s existence.

As teenagers, Robin and Johanna meet during a summer vacation in the 1970’ies. They are both fatherless in their own ways. and together they discover the music and their kindred in spirit.   

Actors: Dick Holmström, Jussi Järvinen, Julia Korander, Seija Metsärinne, Jerry Wahlforss
Technician: Antti Niitemaa
Hair, make-up: Sabina Segerström
Director: Paul Olin
Producer: Jan Lindroos