En man klädd i ett blått förkläde tittar förbryllat på en giraff.

Arbetsgrupp Schimmel: På Greifswaldsgatan – en dröm om en föreställning

Price: 10 Length: 2 h Language: Swedish & Finnish

What would you be willing to pay in order to make this performance happen? There is a lot of unnecessary work involved in making theater. We have been involved in projects that have required mental efforts and that have been time-consuming, but still haven’t resulted in anything due to lack of funding. Sweet melancholy – and the lack of money – has resulted in ​​this performance. The performance is, therefore, a dream of a performance resurrected through our imagination.

The Schimmel working group started with the experimental performance of Roland Schimmelpfennigs play The Golden Dragon at Hangö Teaterträff in the summer of 2013, arranged by LUST. Some of the members of the theatre group wanted to go on with the project by immersing into modern German drama through Roland Schimmelpfennig’s plays and seeking possible form solutions with the aim to finally make a theater production.

Director: Janne Pellinen
Scenography: Janne Siltavuori
Sound design: Jani Orbinski
On stage: Anja Bargum, Kajsa Ek, Kira-Emmi Pohtokari, Tobias Zilliacus, Ville Sandqvist
Producer: Ann-Christin Hellberg-Sågfors
Film: Jonatan Sundström