Föreställningsbild från Saalistajat.

Aurinkoteatteri: Saalistajat

15+ Price: 15 Length: 2,5 h Language: Finnish

Saalistajat (The Predators) is a dark comedy in the style of a nature documentary. The play is about an endangered human species that has left behind in evolution, but whose last remaining individuals are still trying to survive against all Darwins’ laws. The social safety net is crumbling down and the superior intellect modern human is conquering the old hunting grounds. On the last shore, squeezed in between exhibition homes, an alpha female hides with her pack. 

Aurinkoteatteri is a free, professional theatre group from Helsinki, founded in 1989. The theatre is known for doing incorrect theatre about difficult topics. The group’s artistic freedom is something they’ve hold on to from the beginning. Aurinkoteatteri has a remarkable history as a narrator of the life of people living in the margins of our society. The play Saalistajat continues this way of making art.

On stage: Niklas Häggblom, Milla Kangas, Wilhelm Grotenfelt, Paul Holländer, Frank Skog, Antti L.J. Pääkkönen
Script and directing: Sanna Hietala
Director’s assistant: Carita Drew
Scenographer, costuming and photos: Raisa Kilpeläinen
Light design technical director: Anttoni Halonen
Sound design: Niklas Nybom
Arrangement of songs and background tracks: Miika Snåre & Tommi Lahtonen
Make-up: Kaija Heijari
Video projections: Rasmus Vuori & Anttoni Halonen
Technician: Aleksi Karjalainen
Production: Birgit Aittakumpu, Andrea Brandt & Sanna Hietala