Illustration, blond person i fin grå kostym med portfölj i handen, i bakgrunden syns en buss, papper, sockerbitar och en kaffekopp.

Bargum & Wallenius / NSU: Mitt och ditt och mitt

4–10 Price: 8 Length: 45 min. Language: Swedish

“You’re too kind, dear heart.”
“One should be kind. That’s what it says on the big board at work. ‘Here we are kind to each other.’”
”Yes. But you mustn’t be so kind you get dumb.”

The play is a tale about the nice Haralsson who thinks it’s hard to hold her own and express disagreement. How will Haralsson have the courage to object to things without getting steamrolled by others? Mitt och Ditt och Mitt is a play about having the courage to stand up for yourself.

In 2019, Nylands Svenska Ungdomsförbund (NSU) produces a new family-friendly children’s play. Mitt och Ditt och Mitt is written by award-winning Swedish dramatist Anders Duus, who mixes the heightened everyday life of office work with the intonations and overheard lines of his five-year-old daughter and her friends, as well as the ways in which they interact and quarrel. Mitt och Ditt och Mitt is realised by actors Åsa Wallenius and Anja BargumDick Idman directs and Lasse Idman is the set designer.

Working group: Anja Bargum, Åsa Wallenius, Dick Idman & Lasse Idman
Scriptwriter: Anders Duus
Photographer, illustrator: Marie-Therese Olenius