Blaue Frau: 11

18+ Price: 15 Length: 1 h 20 min. Language: Swedish

We have declared ourselves as a cult phenomenon and have put our names in Wikipedia. No bastard will define us and our art. We live in a parallel universe. In your universe there is a language, and there are structures, to poor and old-fashioned to describe us.

We describe ourselves. No one else has the right to do so. Epic. Beyond hubris. This is Blaue Frau 3.0.

After 17 productions in 11 years, we’ve conducted great achievements. The story begins and ends with Blaue Frau. We are not in your linear perception of time. We are in the Blaue Frau time. Welcome to something you might call “electro-pop concert”. We call it Blaue Frau. You may say that we are trying to take the right to rewrite history. We say that we are Blaue Frau. You may perceive that we are writing our own memoirs. Perhaps we are. But most of all we are Blaue Frei.

Malin Nyqvist, Barbro Smeds, Systraskap (Sabina Wärme & Amanda Lindgren), Meri Ekola, Ilse Ybarra, Sanna Pietilä, Christa Renwall, Jukka Heikkinen, Johan Isaksson, Joanna Wingren & Sonja Ahlfors.