Casinoblanca – framtiden på spel

Price: 20 Length: 2 h 30 min. Language: Swedish, Finnish

Casinoblanca – the future at stake is musical spectacle based in Hanko in 2066. The story is based on the classic film Casablanca. Like in Casablanca in the 40’s, Hanko is a haven for people in search of happiness and a life without debt.

Rick, the owner of the Casino follows the flow of people that pass and makes money on their dream for a better life. But suddenly, he meets Ilsa, his old love. He is forced to question his own cynicism when the whole future of humanity is at stake.

The ensemble includes professional actors, amateurs, music groups and dance associations from around Hanko.

Directing: Erik Pöysti
Script: Hanna Åkerfelt, Jesper Karlsson, Lasse Garoff & Janne Wass
Visual design: Antonia Ringbom, Riitta Ketelimäki & Carmela Wager
Light and sound design: Jukka Hannukainen
Carpenter: Albert Sundström
Actors: Niklas Häggblom, Linda Zilliacus, Martin Bahne, Wilhelm Enckell, Julia Salmela, Amanda Henriksson, Riitta Ketelimäki, Samuel Karlsson, Anja Bargum, Paul Olin, Carl Alm, Anders Slotte & Dan Henriksson
Music: Rockband: Sofia Fri, Amanda Henriksson, Vicky Österberg, Eveliina Salonen & Emilia Englund från Rock Donna & Hangö blåsorkester
Other participants: Belly dancers and line dancers, residents of Hanko
Production: Anki Hellberg-Sågfors