Chekhov Machine: Three sisters

Price: 15 Length: 1 h 30 min. Language:

The Group is creating a poetic space inspired by the play Three Sisters of Anton Chekhov. The group is improvising with themes from the play like; sorrow, loss, ambivalence, alienation, prisoners, daydreaming, outsiders

The group is a loose gang of artists from different fields of art coming together once a month for a few days to improvise for a possible future performance.

The performance is created basically by the bodies available for the moment, place and the devices that are possible at the time .

Cris af Enehielm, Petra Pälmä, Sofia Molin, Elina Vainio, Anni Klein, Sara Marie Soulie, Antti Seppänen, Anna Recasens, Fabian Silén, Gerard Cabaroccas Serra, Päivi Kangas, John Cesar Sanchez Martinez