Ann-Sofie Lundin sits on a white floor looking at a candle, wearing fishnet stockings, blue high heels, and a shell suit jacket.

Club: Min Stora Sorg

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As a live act, Min Stora Sorg is truly something else; they take everything they do very seriously, and therefore each stage act is done with extra everything. Min Stora Sorg creates a maximal experience tailored and adapted for each stage and situation. They can be sweaty, stroboscopic, and given to dance; they can be epic concerts with a band, choreography, and costume changes; they might also be intimate, acoustic gigs in the style of MTV’s iconic Unplugged from the ’90s. With Ann-Sofie’s stage presence, humour, and delicate diva-esque way of being, the audience will feel seen, like they’re a part of something big and unique.

Min Stora Sorg can be seen at The Church of 4 Floors of Whores club on Friday 10 June.

In the past 10 years, Min Stora Sorg has become a self-evident part of the Swedish music and theatre scene. With five highly acclaimed albums and several toured stages, Min Stora Sorg remains authentic in their expression. Their texts crush the listeners’ barriers and reach their hearts. It is epic and intimate at the same time, and far from lukewarm semi-skimmed milk.

Min Stora Sorg Art Group consists of Ann-Sofie Lundin, composer, writer, producer, and performance artist, Daniel Åkerström-Steen, scenographer and costumer, and John Artur, artist.