Club: The Church of 4 Floors of Whores

18+ Price: 0 Length: 6 h Language: N/A

THE CHURCH is a liturgy of purification, a pleasure mass, and a sacrament of creation. It is a theatre invading the space of the club. It is the club invading the space of the theatre. It is a room of worship, of initiations, endings, and new beginnings. A ritual and rite that appears three times in the cover of night. There is no world without belief. We dream about what this Church of ours would be, what it would look like, sound like, how it would smell. It is a play with the sacred and the profane, a work pondering our place in the world. It is longing for moments of self-forgetfulness. It is a sensual and sensitive container for purification, for reflection, for play, for social gathering, for rebirth, for flesh, for life. And above all: it’s a party!

We welcome you to THE CHURCH OF 4 FLOORS OF WHORES. Please bring all your sins, worries, truths, dreams, sorrows, beliefs, and other friends with you.

THURSDAY: cleansing 

FRIDAY: creation

SATURDAY: sacrifice

4 FLOORS OF WHORES is a theatre collective based in Helsinki consisting of Emilia JanssonRiku-Pekka KellokoskiHerman Nyby, and Astrid Stenberg. The group’s aesthetic and methods lie at the interchange of physical theatre, contemporary choreography, sound art, and performance art – sprinkled with layers of sensuality, compassion, and obscenity. They base their way of working on security, compassion, queering, desire, lust, pleasure, sensuality, and curiosity and this in turn affects their aesthetics. The group’s previous works are BLANCHE (Uniarts 2019), niXXXavuori: artfilm (Bad House festival 2021), and niXXXavuori (Teater Viirus & Göteborgs stadsteater 2021).

The piece THE CHURCH OF 4 FLOORS OF WHORES is a collaboration with German director Lara Magdalena Tacke. Her work moves between the realms of site-specific, immersion, and theatre. She creates elaborate and imaginative characters as vehicles to explore ideas of class, labour, gender, and value. Her previous works are DET ÅBNE HJERTE (as performer for SIGNA and Århus Festuge 2019), moratorium (Institutions extended, Berlin 2020), The Garden (Thalia Theater, Hamburg & Körber Studio Junge Regie 2021), and Erste Stunde (Landestheater Neustrelitz 2022).

THE CHURCH OF 4 FLOORS OF WHORES is part of Kulkue, a joint project between three Finnish art festivals. ANTI – Contemporary Art Festival (Kuopio), Hangö Teaterträff (Hanko), and Baltic Circle (Helsinki) create an exceptionally large-scale series of Finnish co-productions along with related tours. The project’s central goal is to promote the accessibility of the festivals and to prolong the life cycle of the performances. The project is financed by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

In Hanko, the work is co-produced by Mad House Helsinki.