Counterforce Production & Turteatern: SCUM-manifestet

Price: 15 Length: 1 h 20 min. Language: Swedish

Counterforce Production and Turteatern are visiting Hanko Theatre Festival with the acclaimed performance SCUM Manifestet. The performance has aroused resentment among anti-feminists, received enormous media attention and the performance’s ensemble has got death threats. But above all it has become a success among critics, and has played for full houses at Turteatern since the premiere in November last year. When manhood has made the whole world a shitty place, here a place of unbridled anger, the will to fight and love is created. SCUM Manifestet is one of literary history’s strongest writing. It is world famous, infamous and still unknown.

By: Valerie Solanas
Translator: Sara Stridsberg
On stage: Andrea Edwards
Directing, light & set design: Erik Holmström
Producer: Ellen Lindhagen