De Kristallklara: Society

Price: 15 Length: 1 h Language: English

In the cinemaconcert SOCIETY, a film, a concert and a performance, we follow the survival of three individuals in a time after a great revolution, a time where the current societal structures no longer exist. Leaderless and without borders, humans try to build something new.

What remains, when everything that we hold dear today goes away? Can an inner change be the key to a global change? The film does not make statements about the right or wrong ways to live. It poses the question of whether we have room for spiritual development, and if our inner reality in times past was more true to what it means to be human.

Henrik Heselius, Willehard Korander, Ludvig Allén, Oscar Hagen, Kristian Ekholm, Carolin Koss, Annina Blom, Johan Östman.