Discussion: Critics’ panel

Price: 0 € Length: 1,5 h Language: Swedish

The festival ends with a critics’ panel, in which four critics from Ny tid, Svenska Yle and Kritiker discuss the performances and their impressions and thoughts of the festival. Participants include Tomas Jansson (Svenska Yle), Kaneli Johansson (Kritiker), Valter Sandell (Kritiker) and Otto Ekman (Ny tid). Mathilda Larsson (Kritikbyrån) moderates the discussion.

The panel is organised in collaboration with Kritikbyrån.

Kritikbyrån is a three-year project that pays extra fees to freelance critics. In addition, the project is host to seminars, further training, and workshops that all aim to further the position of cultural criticism in Swedish-speaking Finland. The project is funded by Svenska kulturfonden, and it is maintained by IFFF (Intresseföreningen för finlandssvenska frilanskritiker).