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Discussion: How to produce the unexpected? – Opening seminar of the Kulkue project

Price: 0 € Length: 1,5 h Language: English

The performing arts field is becoming more and more precarious, which increases the need for stable support structures and production mechanisms. Is it possible to create structures that are stable while they also offer freedom and flexibility to artistic creation?

ANTI-festivalen, Hangö Teaterträff, and Baltic Circle join their resources and knowledge in project Kulkue in order to produce a series of co-productions as well as touring. The project’s main goal is to further the festivals’ accessibility, strengthen the independent field’s working conditions and the festivals’ role, and to lengthen the life cycle of performances.

In the project’s opening seminar, Marta Keil presents how festivals have been established as a new kind of performing arts institution and what this new role means for the current performing arts ecosystem. How can festivals use their position to change how performing arts is produced and how it functions in our society?


Lecture: Marta Keil – The institutional practices of a festival
Discussion: Jonas Welander (moderator), Marta Keil, Paula Tuovinen, Elisa Itkonen, Tea Andreoletti

Marta Keilis a performing arts curator and researcher.