Joel Forsbacka, Kia Svaetichin and Anne Hietanen smile at the camera.

Discussion: Sällskapet goes Hangö Teaterträff

Price: 0 € Length: 1 h Language: Swedish

The Svenska Yle podcast Sällskapet comes represented by Kia Svaetichin, Joel Forsbacka and Anne Hietanen to HTT for an exclusive conversation that will not be broadcasted afterwards. We want to give the audience an intimate conversation around some of the hottest cultural talk right now.

Listen to the podcast here.

Kia Svaetichin is a cultural journalist and Swedish teacher who has hosted Sällskapet for four years. She likes to dive deep into various social phenomena and is also not afraid to poke at the fragile Finnish-Swedish anthill.

Joel Forsbacka is an actor and musician. He is a member of the avant-garde performing arts collective Glitcher. He joined Sällskapet in 2024. He likes to talk about performing arts and philosophise on the cultural zeitgeist.

Anne Hietanen is a cultural journalist, literary scholar and, since 2024, Sällskapets new co-host. She has a penchant for cults, literary conversations and childish humour.