Discussion: Teater och-med-i-om-för-ur konflikter

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Fly, fencing, or sweep under the carpet?

Is collaboration the mother of all conflicts?

Can the conflicts be resolved with theater methods?

A discussion about conflicts in three acts, hopefully without bloodshed.



Harriet Abrahamsson interviews the director Milja Sarkola on devising and collaborative working methods, within the framework of the project UNG DRAMATIK. Podcast.


Psychiatrist Göran Högberg, Stockholm, presents how psychodrama can treat and process the conflicts in human relations.


Theater; fun mirror or catharsis?

Public discussion about conflicts based on the performances Hamlet sade det vackrare and Varför måste alltid jag diska?  Director Agneta Lindroos, actor Jakob Johansson and philosopher Joel Backström in the panel.