Person med skyddsglasögon tittar på en borrmaskin, hammare i andra handen.

Doonarna: Raksamonologer

Price: 15 Length: 1 h Language: Swedish

Raksamonologer (“Construction monologues”) deals with substantial matter—building. Everything in life is built or constructed. We build our identities, skills and knowledge, bodies, roles at home and in society, professional and personal relationships. We establish and raise families and housing; we build neighbourhoods, countries, multinational corporations and micro-enterprises. We build our own and our children’s futures. However, occasionally renovation or total demolition is required.

Doonarna is a working group, gathered to create Raksamonologer. The script was written by director Janne Pellinen and actor Jan Korander, combining scenes from Peter Lüttge’s play Mannen som byggde sig till sin skilsmässa (“The man who built his own divorce”) and Korander’s Monologer från raksan (“Construction site monologues”). Lighting designer Roy Boswell has created both lights and sound. Fine artist Mika Helin has planned the site-specific set for Kultmag. Kristin Helgaker is the producer.

Actor, playwright: Jan Korander
Directing, dramaturge: Janne Pellinen
Playwright: Peter Lüttge
Scenographer: Mika Helin
Sound and light design: Roy Boswell
Producer: Kristin Helgaker