Illustration av en kvist med tennisbollar som frukter.

Ensemble Bulleribock: Boris & Becker (and the fantastic history of tennis)

Price: 8 Length: 1 h Language: Swedish

Tennis is the foremost sport in the world.

At least, that’s what Lord Wilson and the Swedish king think, along with many others. But how was tennis created? Who invented the racket, the net, the absurd tally system? And where did the golden tennis ball come from – the object that both humans and animals love more than any other?

All shall be answered by Lord Wilson and his faithful squire Boris as they depart on an imaginative journey through the kingdom of tennis. Their stories are suited for everyone who enjoys games, whether you have your own racket or not.

Anyone for tennis?

Ensemble Bulleribock is a free theatre group founded in 2010. Its productions are based on unprejudiced ingenuity, cheerfulness in everyday things and a childlike mind. Bulleribock considers children’s theatre to be as important as theatre for adults, and thinks that the same artistic conditions ought to apply for both.

Text: Lasse Garoff & Jesper Karlsson
Director: Janne Pellinen
On stage: Meri Anna Hulkkonen & Jan Korander
Scenography: Annina Nevantaus
Sound: Jani Orbinski
Photo: Annina Nevantaus