Festival Club 2018

Price: 0 Length: 5 h Language: N/A


Speech Karaoke

In Speech Karaoke you choose a speech instead of a song. Our catalogue contains over 400 speeches, mainly in English and Finnish. 

Kaamos Anderson Art Museum of Knowledge & Bullshit 

Kaamos Andersson Art Museum is a misleading distortion, almost as an pretentious lie interpreted from Max Black’s The Prevalence of Humbug. In the collection there are stolen Italo relics to war trophies from a tired Berlin. In the centre of the club, on the agora, we can hear the citizens speak. Around the agora, you can see an exhibition of both facts and fabrications. 


Battles and bliss as familiar Hangö Teaterträff profiles declare their love to their respective birth decade on the turntables. The baddest beats from the dirtiest decades will be spun.