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Friday club: Niko Hallikainen – Low Income Glow & DJ Glitcher – Josefine Fri + Emelie Zilliacus

Price: 0 Length: 5 h Language: N/A

Niko Hallikainen – Low Income Glow

Low Income Glow is a speech performance by writer Niko Hallikainen. The piece is centered around themes of poverty, eroticism, inferiority and spirituality in the context of a class society. The piece serves as a spatialintervention that consists of text and sound. The poetic texts deal with class background,infatuation, sex, acne, injustice and intense manifestations of feelings of inadequacy. Low Income Glow illustrates emotional maps that form an expansive societal route, along which experiences of deprivation, self-hate and attachment pulsate. The performance comprises and sensualizes how sexual desire, class differences and uncertainties unite in inner experience and shared reality.

DJ Glitcher – Josefine Fri + Emelie Zilliacus

Fill the dancefloor! Step Daddy will play some good ol’ Bon Jovi-remixes and other testosterone-filled candies. If that makes you cringe too much, Step Daughter comes to the rescue with her hot hits and moisty tributes to Alaska Thunderfuck and Nicki Minaj.

Niko Hallikainen is a writer and a performer who has presented his previous piece Blue Exhaust (2018) at Mad House, Kutomo and Flow Festival. Like his preceding solo performance, Low Income Glow also takes the form of a raw DIY solo where Hallikainen mixes spoken text with musical textures.

Josefine Fri and Emelie Zilliacus are soulmates and classmates from the Theatre Academy / University of the Arts, Helsinki. This autumn, their feministic arts collective Glitcher will perform The Porn Horror Musical at Teater Viirus Guest in Helsinki.