En person framför en illustration av två möss som har ett hjärta mellan sig.

Grus Grus Teater: Björkmusen och näbbmusen

4–10 Price: 5 Length: 40 min. Language: Swedish (5pm & 1pm), Finnish (4.30pm)

The Birchmouse and Shrew Mouse is an adventure story about accepting difference and overcoming fears. The praised Grus Grus Theatre’s interpretation of Esko-Pekka Tiitinen’s and Tuula Tiitinen’s fairy tale book is an imaginative combination of drawing, theatre and traditional storytelling. A visually fascinating and heart-warming drama for the whole family.

Grus Grus Theatre is a theatre founded in 2007. The theatre does not aim at settling permanently in any working space, but instead works as a guest and collaborating partner with different stages.

Original work: Esko-Pekka Tiitinen & Tuula Tiitinen
Adaptation: Ville Kurki & Sofia Molin
Directed by: Ville Kurki
Actor and illustrations: Sofia Molin
Sound design: Kalle Terästö
Visual design: Arbetsgrupp
Production: Grus Grus Teatteri ry