Gunilla Heilborn står på scenen, omringad av teaterrök. Ljusdesignen är blå.

Gunilla Heilborn: The Knowledge

17+ Price: 15 Length: 1 h 20 min. Language: Swedish

In The Knowledge, Gunilla Heilborn, takes us through a winding essay on the brain and its ability to navigate the world. Gunilla Heilborn went on a research journey. She talked to taxi drivers on how to navigate the streets of London, took a course in how to become a survival tracker, learned about random walks, wood shocks, antipodes, longitudes, latitudes and read books on mental issues for survival. She is the perfect guide for anyone who feels a little lost sometimes.

Gunilla Heilborn is a choreographer and filmmaker based in Stockholm, producing and touring nationally and internationally. She has created performances and movies with great success for both adult and children audiences. Heilborn’s unique way of combining text, motion, video and images, always spiced with humour, has caught the interest of audiences all over the world. She opens up to new angles and ways of understanding the world and its inhabitants.