Three fluffy fantasy figures, one of which is very small and has very large eyes.

Hav-Anna Company & Viirus: WHIZZ, WHIRR, BANG, CLANG!

6+ Price: 10–20 € Length: 45 min. Language: Swedish (10 June) & Finnish (11 June)

A performance spiced with salt, pepper and a pinch of empathy.

Sylvia Plath’s inventive and imaginary children’s stories come to life in a curious performance. 

WHIZZ, WHIRR, BANG, CLANG! takes the audience on a journey through imagination, sensation and sharing – travelling between possible realities.

What does it mean to be seen and understood? Are things what they seem to be? And how can our imagination change them, define them, redefine them?

WHIZZ, WHIRR, BANG, CLANG! is a performance that offers the idea of new possible worlds, alternative realities that are shaped through imagination and by redefining the given circumstances.

Christoffer Mellgren (1980) graduated from Stockholm University of the Arts in 2006. Since then, he has worked mainly as a dramatist and dramaturge in Helsinki (Svenska Teatern, Teater Viirus, among others). In recent years, Mellgren has written plays such as Fem mål mat (Unga Teatern, 2021) and Att dela en kaka (Svenska Teatern, 2019) and a book for youths on how to write plays (En sida dramatik, Labbet, 2019). Mellgren performed in Blaue Frau’s Crimes of Passion in 2022.

Meri Anna Hulkkonen (1975) is an actor and visionary that has worked extensively in various cultural projects. Hulkkonen has also worked as an artistic director (Ensemble Hav-Anna Company, Unga Teatern Bulleribock), dramatist, director, and lecturer.

Fabian Nyberg (1985) is an artist and designer based in Porvoo. Fabian graduated from Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture in 2017. Fabian also has a Bachelor’s degree in Nordic Literature and a minor in Theatre Research. At the moment, Fabian works mainly with various forms of visual design for the stage (scenography, light design, and video design) as well as his own installations. A big part of his work takes place as part of the artistic duo Broas & Nyberg. In addition, Fabian works as a guest lecturer at both Aalto University and University of the Arts Helsinki.

Hanna Rajakangas is a sound designer and singer who works with and in artistic research, performing arts, sound art, and sound installations. At the moment, Rajakangas is busy with her artistic research on Voice as an Affective Agent in Sound Design and Performing Arts at Uniart Helsinki’s Theatre Academy. She has also developed a method for soundwork, Prework With Voice, for performing, visual, and media artists.

Thomas Kasebacher (1974, Austria) studied literature at the University of Innsbruck and directing, performing arts, and community art at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. Kasebacher has also graduated from Stockholm University of the Arts with a Master’s degree in New Performative Practices. Kasebacher is an actor, performance artist, and visual artist. In 2007, he and Laia Fabre founded NOTFOUNDYET, a group that creates works for galleries, public spaces, and theatres.

Hav-Anna Company promotes performing arts for young audiences through interactive, multisensory, thought-provoking art experiences. Their aim is to  create an experience, based on voluntary interaction, where the participants and the artists meet as equals. Hav-Anna Company is led by Meri Anna Hulkkonen, innovator for modern children’s theater, the former artistic director for Ensemble Bulleribock and Unga Teatern.

Idea and concept: Meri Anna Hulkkonen based on Sylvia Plath’s The Bed Book and Mrs Cherry’s Kitchen
Direction: Thomas Kasebacher and Meri Anna Hulkkonen
Performers: Christoffer Mellgren (Swedish) / Meri Anna Hulkkonen (Finnish)
Dramaturgy: working group
Spatial and costume design: Fabian Nyberg
Sound design: Hanna Rajakangas
Production: Viirus & Hav-Anna Company
Performance rights: Nordic Drama Corner Oy