A wet person looks upwards, the colour-scheme is blue-green; on the person it says "Deep Fantasea" as well as Antonia Henn's signature.

Antonia Henn & Iljana, Forsius, Ridberg, Yosef: Deep Fantasea

18+ Price: 10–20 € Length: 1 h Language: Swedish

DEEP FANTASEA is a recreated fantasy of life deep beneath the surface of the sea. The piece is about imagination as action, as life force and at the same time as rest, perhaps even as a longing for death. DEEP FANTASEA is a living installation where different artists meet and together create an organism, a living performance: a fantasy.

Antonia Henn is an actor and director at the beginning of her artistic career. Antonia is artistically interested in different kinds of gazes, the autofictive, cross-artistic collaborations and fantasies. Antonia works intuitively but with clear theoretical material as input and inspiration, seeking a playful but genuinely present expression as an actor.

Axel Ridberg is a sound designer and musician with an interest in how sound affects our experience of time and space and gives rise to affect. In his sound design, Axel’s work often starts from varying degrees of immersion and randomness, with music as a starting point.

Katja Iljana creates wearable art, spaces, events, sounds and creatures. Important in Katja’s work is intuition, the subconscious, multisensory forms and upcycling.

Sara Forsius is a photographer and filmmaker. She has shot TV series, documentaries, films and art films. Her camera work is intuitive and painterly and she is interested in the power relationship between the camera and the person being filmed. Sara is inspired by bright red sunsets, thought-provoking discussions, flea market finds and secrets.

Haliz Yosef is a visual artist who has participated in several exhibitions since 2011, including Kunsthalle Helsinki, the National Museum, Kiasma’s URB22, Caisa, and Titanik. Yosef has also worked as a visual designer for Undertone, a working group led by Geoffrey Erista. Yosef often works with memory, language, cultural identity, and abjection in the form of moving images, sculptures, sound art, and site-specific art.

Director and actor: Antonia Henn
Video planner and camera operator: Sara Forsius
Sound designer: Axel Ridberg
Costume and set designer: Katja Iljana
Production assistant: Haliz Yosef
Outside eye: Emma Castro Møller & Karoline Skuseth
Co-production: Hangö Teaterträff
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland