HTT & Labbet: Projekt Kanon

Price: 0 € Length: 2,5 h Language: Swedish

Projekt Kanon gathers the Finnish-Swedish theatre field in order to recreate performances from Hangö Teaterträff’s history of 30 years.

The project takes a nostalgic look at what has been significant for theatre’s development, spanning from the ’90s all the way to today. The Finnish-Swedish theatres’ artists work during the festival in randomly chosen groups under the guidance of a process leader. The groups will be given a secret fragment of historical works from which they must then reconstruct a new work together. Might the recreation of the Finnish-Swedish canon give us some insight into what theatre carries with it, what it can leave behind, and where it is going?

Projekt Kanon is organised in collaboration with Hangö Teaterträff and Labbet, a non-profit organisation that develops and furthers Finnish-Swedish dramaturgy in Finland. The artistic groups consist of a process leader, a dramaturg, and 3–4 actors.