HTT & Labbet: Projekt Kanon

Price: 0 € Length: 2 h Language: Swedish

Projekt Kanon gathers the Finnish-Swedish theatre field in order to recreate performances from Hangö Teaterträff’s history of 30 years.

The project takes a nostalgic look at what has been significant for theatre’s development, spanning from the ’90s all the way to today. The Finnish-Swedish theatres’ artists work during the festival in randomly chosen groups under the guidance of a process leader. The groups will be given a secret fragment of historical works from which they must then reconstruct a new work together. Might the recreation of the Finnish-Swedish canon give us some insight into what theatre carries with it, what it can leave behind, and where it is going?


Process leaders:
Minna Harjuniemi, Janne Pellinen, Kaisa Lundán, Kasimir Koski, Christoffer Mellgren, Tomi Korhonen


  • Tobias Aksdal (LUST)
  • Kira-Emmi Pohtokari (LUST)
  • Sofie Lybäck (Finlands svenska skådespelarförbund)
  • Minna Kettunen (Finlands svenska skådespelarförbund)
  • Anders Slotte (Svenska Teatern)
  • Tuuli Heinonen (Åbo Svenska Teater)
  • Frank Skog (Unga Teatern)
  • Harriet Abrahamsson (Unga Teatern)
  • Oskar Pöysti (Viirus)
  • Josef Donner (Teak)
  • Selina Ukkonen (Teak)
  • Walter Öhman (Teak)

Projekt Kanon is organised in collaboration with Hangö Teaterträff and Labbet, a non-profit organisation that develops and furthers Finnish-Swedish dramaturgy in Finland. The artistic groups consist of a process leader, a dramaturg, and 3–4 actors.