IMPRO med DuvTeatern: Välkommen glada släkting!

Price: 18 Length: 2 h 15 min. Language: Swedish

Welcome to the family reunion! We promise you songs, dance, poems, moderately long speeches and exquisite family secrets! All improvised of course!

Improvisation means that everything is happening in the moment. Neither the audience nor the actors know what’s going to happen – the game has rules but no one knows how it ends.

The performances are a cooperation with the improvisation theater Stjärnfall, Labbet rf and Nicken NU.

On stage: Ragnar Bengtström, Marina Haglund, Mikaela Hasán, Yvonne Heins, Karolina Karanen, Salla Markkanen, Irina von Martens, Tanya Palmgren, Pia Renes, Lotte Schauman, Johanna af Schultén, Elias Simons, Christoffer Strandberg, Jonne Tallberg

The performance concept has been created by Johanna af Schultén in cooperation with Mikaela Hasán.

Artistic assistant and audience worker: Sanna Huldén
Musician: Salla Markkanen
Video planning: Paula Lehtonen
Costumes: Paula Varis
Producers: Annina Blom, Johanna af Schultén