Foggy landscape, blurry horizon, a halo of light. Manipulated photo.

Kabrell, Salvesen, Luhtaniemi: Dimma

Price: 10–20 € Length: 1 h Language: Swedish & Finnish

“The world is not a place. It is a mixture.”
– E. Coccia, The Life of Plants – A Metaphysics of Mixture, Polity, 2018

Dimma is an experiential visual performance concert on the theme of fog. The work is a space of light, sound and fog that invites the viewer to experience the performance in their own inner space. The fog is a full emptiness, the fog causes the field of vision to dissolve and other senses to awaken. There are alternating darknesses and flashes, densities of fog and pauses, ghostly sensations of sound. In Dimma, the world is not a place but rather an uninterrupted mixture of different breaths and metabolisms. The poetics of the work creates a vibrating field behind established forms, from which new forms begin to take shape.

Dimma is a performance about getting lost, being found and being in the middle of everything. The room is filled with light, sound and fog.

“To give up form. To give up, and to form.
—Looks around. Turns into a look itself.”

Content warnings:
Strobe lights, bright lights, darkness, theatre smoke, loud noises.

Alexander Salvesen (b. 1990) is a Swedish-speaking visual artist who lives in Helsinki. Salvesen works without prejudice with different visual media that usually have light as focus. His work is based on colours, shapes, spaces, and their relationship to each other and the viewer. In recent years, Salvesen has taken a strong stance on the ongoing climate catastrophe, the sixth mass extinction and our society’s inability to change.

Ville Kabrell (b. 1987) is a sound designer and composer. In his work, he searches for different ways of existing through performing arts and sound. Kabrell often works site-specifically and explores the characteristics of different spaces. Large volumes, contrasts and enveloping masses of sound occur again and again in his works. Kabrell graduated from the master’s program in sound design at the Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2018.

Milka Luhtaniemi (b. 1992) is a poet, dramaturge and multidisciplinary artist. She graduated from the Theater Academy with a Masters degree in Dramaturgy in 2020. In 2021, her first book Kirnu was published by Gummerus and her second book Tauoton was released in early 2024. Her performances have been shown in Mad House in Helsinki in 2020 (Tyyntyminen) and Titanik Gallery 2021 (Buoyancy). She has made installations for the Contemporary Art Association Muu, Oksasenkatu 11, B-Galleria and Forum Box. In her poetics Milka is interested in exploring the feeling of a moving and sensory body in the branches of time, space and matter.

Dramaturgy, scenography: Alexander Salvesen, Ville Kabrell
Dramaturge, poet: Milka Luhtaniemi
Light design: Alexander Salvesen
Sound design: Ville Kabrell
Supported by: Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Svenska kulturfonden