Karolina Ginman & Rasmus Slätis: Inspire / Conspire / Expire

Price: 0 € Length: ca 10 min. Language: non-verbal

Dancer Karolina Ginman and actor Rasmus Slätis visited Fyrens Service in Hanko. They worked with the service centre’s clients and staff on bodies and movement, sound and soundscapes – spatial and audial composition. During Hangö Teaterträff, the group improvises with colour and sound.

The group participates in the festival opening and has a pop up performance on Friday – keep your eyes peeled!

Working group: Carola Lindholm, Pia Lastunen, Pia Stüben, Sandra Larki, Ulrika Uusitalo, Anja Saikkonen, Taija Ojala, May Sannholm, Sari Halonen, Lena Ajosmäki, Katrine Viberg, Emma Strandberg, Karolina Ginman, Rasmus Slätis