Kerstin Perski: Dreambusiness

15+ Price: 0 Length: 1 h 30 min. Language: Swedish

Anja dreams about another life, and when she meets Marek new possibilities open up, far away from the poverty of her home land. Together with Marek she travels to another country to work in a café.

But nothing turns out the way she had imagined. Marek is not the person she thought he was, there is no café job and Anja has come to a place that resembles hell. But maybe there is a way out. The Friendship with Nix gives Anja a second chance.

The film reflects a reality we have all around us, not visible to everybody but all the more cruel for those involved. It is about girls who have left the poverty and discrimination of their native countries, only to be exploited in the new country. Money, greed and a demand for sexual services cause the exploitation to continue and human values to be undermined.

The film takes place in Stockholm, but it could just as well be in any other city in the world.

Dream business is a contemporary story that shakes our foundations and asks questions. Is everything for sale? Does everyone have a choice? What is a human being worth? How open are our borders?

Actors: Linda Zilliacus, Erik Bolin, Annika Aapalahti, Maija Andersso Julia Lappalainen, Felix Engström, Tobias Zilliacus, Lennart Jähkel, Mats Flink & Björn Wahlberg
Script: Kerstin Perski
Direction and film concept: Michaela Granit
Set design and costumes: Karin Lind
Music: Jani Orbinski
Sound mix: Tobias Derwinger
Light: Raimo Nyman
Make-up: Sari Nuttunen
Projection: Patrik Instedt & Michaela Granit
DoP: Niklas Berglund
First assistant cameraman: Elias Lindén & Martina Iverus
Sound: Stefan Brag
Editing: Niklas Berglund
Produced by: Föreningen för nyskriven dramatik
Producer: Hanna Melanton Appelfeldt
In cooperation with: Cinelandia, producers David Wikdahl & Benjamin Wolff