En person klädd i vitt står mitt i ett stökigt rum.

Klassikere for Kids: Faust for Kids

10+ Price: 10 Length: 40 min. Language: Swedish

Faust has a thirst for knowledge that seems impossible to extinguish. He realizes that behind everything he learns, lies something else hidden and that he will never comprehend the world fully. He calls out for Mefisto, the devil himself, who appears and offers Faust endless knowledge, in exchange for his soul. Faust then follows Mefisto on a boundless journey in time and space. The performance is about the relationship between good and evil, and how these forces depends on each other.

Klassikere for Kids is a project aimed at introducing children and young people, together with adults, to the greatest literary classics through audiovisual, exciting and experimental theater performances. We believe that the great existential questions are suitable for fruitful conversations between adults and young people, as we in many ways are equated to reflections of death, evil, love and time.