Två personer i 1700-talets kostymer på scen.

Klockriketeatern: De langerhanska öarna

Price: 20 Length: 65 min. Language: Swedish

Playwright Ringell describes the play as a playful dystopia. We meet two sisters in a room. They have each other, but that seems to be the only thing they have – and are sure about.

De langerhanska öarna is an inner poetic drama, but also an inner political struggle.

Klockriketeatern presents, for the first time in a Finnish production, Ylva Ekblad and Stina Ekblad together on stage.

Text: Susanne Ringell
Directed by: Ulrika Bengts
Scenographer: Katrin Brännström & Atsuko Hamanaka
Costumes: Linn Wara
Music: Peter Hägerstrand
Light design: Mari Agge
On stage: Stina Ekblad (Dramaten), Ylva Ekblad
Technical planning: Nicke von Weissenberg
Stage manager: Jesper Karlsson
Photographer: Frida Lönnroos
Graphic designer: Heidi Gabrielsson