Klockriketeatern: Nästa andetag

Price: 18 Length: 1 h 45 min. Language: Swedish

Lungs is about love, life, and one’s ecological choices. As a conscious and active citizen you know that having a child is not the best decision for the ecological footprint. But you also know that you wish to have one. Right here, right now.

A carefully designed, minimalistic chamber concert about life’s most important decisions and peculiar little details. Global issues are being tackled in a reduced manner, showing the importance of a personal decision. Two actors on stage just with the text and a musical world that echoes beyond time and space. The scenography was created by the Young Artist of the Year Ville Andersson.

Breathe in, fill your lungs and act, before you’re out of breath forever.

Director: Dan Henriksson
Set design, costumes: Ville Andersson
Light: Pietu Pietiäinen
Actors: Stina Engström, Matti Raita
Musician: Uli Kontu-Korhonen
Technician: Anton Sidorik
Producer: Eeva Bergroth, Jesper Karlsson