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Lecture: Trine Falch – Take a happy place and take the happy out of it

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Falch’s lecture in Hanko will be based on the work of Susie Wang and their attempts to make representation, drama and narratives relevant to experimental, contemporary theatre. Falch will also present her thoughts on horror fiction and the uncanny and why she finds those modes so suitable for their current theatre work.

Trine Falch (1963) is a performance artist with a background in theatre science (UiB), Verdensteatret (1986-88) and Baktruppen (1988-2007). Falch comes from a performance oriented, postmodern, postdramatic part of theatre. Tired of reflecting the world in fragments, she decided to start picking up the pieces and to combine them as dramatic storylines.

In 2017 Falch joined forces with her friends and colleagues and founded the theatre company Susie Wang. Her main occupation these days is writing a script for the last piece in their horror trilogy about human nature.