Kvinna klädd i blå 1700-talets kostym tittar mot kameran med en bakelse i handen.

Lina Ekblad: Årets pjäs

Price: 10 Length: 1 h Language: Swedish

A curious monologue about what is really real in our reality.

-“Horrible, boring and disgusting.” -Luisa, 4y
– “This must be the play of the year!” – The Forever Times

In a world where much can seem black and white and right or wrong, we find the wonderful paradox of the theatre; The actor pretended to be what he was not, and was what he pretended to be.” (Augusto Boal)

That is why I am an actress.

With and by: Lina Ekblad
Video: Andreas Westerberg och Lina Ekblad
Light and sound design: Alexander Nyberg
Music: Ralf Nyqvist