A child sits behind a painting on which someone has drawn various figures with coloured chalks; the painting is half torn up.

Live Art Denmark: Kaboom – the art of destruction

7+ Price: 10–20 € Length: 45 min. Language: Swedish

Kaboom – the art of destruction is a dynamic performance-lecture that includes and invites an audience of all ages to participate in destruction inspired by the history of art.

When is it okay to destroy? How can you destroy something in a great way and why might it be necessary? Kaboom – the art of destruction investigates the forbidden joy of smashing things. We invite the whole family to wreck stuff together with us on stage. Together we will eat, smash, cut, and transform. We will also talk about works from art history, where destruction is a creative force leading to new works.

Content warnings:
Loud sounds, destruction.

Live Art Denmark was founded in 2004 in Copenhagen to promote the discussion, documentation and development of live art in Denmark. They focus on research-based, interdisciplinary, and performative practices, regardless of conventional art forms.

Live Art Denmark specialises in interdisciplinary audience engagement in collaborations with theatres, museums, music venues and festivals in Denmark and internationally. They are fully funded by the Danish Art Council. Since 2004, we have developed several new formats and modes of interaction with intergenerational audiences, from live performance and festivals to educational concepts and documentation for the VR format with a 360 degree camera.

On stage: Henrik Vestergaard and Daniel Nordback
Producer: Lars Vind-Andersen
Supported by: Danish Arts Foundation, Nordic Culture Point