LUST – Den autonoma skådespelaren #2: It’s only a statement

Price: 10 Length: 2 h Language: Swedish, Finnish, English

Is being an artist really a way to re-shape the world or just a way of hiding our own privileges, a choice of rather debating with our friends than to actually engage in politics? Is there a way to make political theatre that reaches some pre set goal, so that it still remain art? Through public interventions during the day and in a setting of a gathering in the evening, LUSTs project The Autonomous Actor invites the audience to explore the possibilities of theatre as a political art form.

The workshop series The Autonomous Actor by LUST provides the participants with practical and theoretical tools to strengthen them as independent artists, both in their own practice as performers and as a part of a collective. The starting point is an examination of the participants’ own work in an exploratory meeting on general practices introduced through workshops with internationally renowned artists and theorists. This year’s program have focused on the political aspect of acting and producing.

With and by: Haje Abrahamsson, Juhana von Bagh, Kajsa Ek, Lina Ekblad, Valborg Frøysnes, Gogo Idman, Elisa Makarevitch, Sara Melleri, Ranjit Menon, Jarkko Partanen, Kira-Emmi Pohtokari, Fabian Silén, Tobias Zilliacus
Mentor and outside eye: Haiko Pfost
Workshops: Florian Malzacher, Maja Degirmendzic & Boris Ceco of God’s Entertainment, Yael Ronen, Haiko Pfost.
Production: LUST / Jonas Welander
Production assistant: Adina Tallberg
Thank you: Münchner Kammerspiele / Anne Schulz (KammerCampus), Hangö Teaterträff
Supported by: Svenska kulturfonden, Goethe Institute Helsinki