Kollage av olika bilder, ovanpå står det DAS #3.

LUST: Den Autonoma Skådespelaren#3 – Demo

Price: 10 Length: 2 h Language: English

The Autonomous Actor#3 – From Community Work Back To The Stage focuses on new strategies of storytelling in theater along with the question of how one can use storytelling to create identities. At Hangö Teaterträff the participants will create and present a demo based on material and methods they have worked with during the project. 

The project The Autonomous Actor by LUST provides professional participants with practical and theoretical tools, both in their own practice as performers and as a part of a collective. The starting point is an examination of the participants’ own work in an exploratory meeting on general practices introduced through workshops with internationally renowned artists and theorists. LUST is a non-profit organization working to develop the professional Swedish-language theatre field in Finland.

With: Jenni Elina von Bagh, Andrea Björkholm, Wilhelm Grotenfelt, Meri Anna Hulkkonen, Mari-Helen Hyvärinen, Elisa Makarevitch, Anna-Sofia Nylund, Olga Palo, Kira-Emmi Pohtokari
Mentor: Thomas Kasebacher
Curator and mentor: Haiko Pfost
Workshops: Terry O´Connor, Sarah Vanhee, Nina Tecklenburg & Till Müller-Klug, Nadia Ross, Thomas Kasebacher
Producer: Jonas Welander
Supported by: Svenska kulturfonden, Goethe-Institut Finnland, Canada Council of the Arts, Austrian Embassy Helsinki