A big group of people walking outside as one, many are holding balloons.

Mammalian Diving Reflex/Darren O’Donnell: Nightwalks with Teenagers

Price: 15 Length: 1,5–2 h Language: Swedish, Finnish, English

Nightwalks with Teenagers is created with local youth, who plan, design and lead public walks through the city at night, exploring the neighbourhood with members of the community. Nightwalks is focused on the power of walking together, bringing together teens and adults to have a unique social experience related to a shared place and time, where everyone can let loose, and silences offer moments for contemplation. 

Mammalian is a research-art atelier dedicated to investigating the social sphere, always on the lookout for contradictions to whip into aesthetically scintillating experiences. In all its forms, Mammalian’s work fosters dialogue and dismantles barriers between individuals of all ages, cultural, economic and social backgrounds by bringing people together in new and unusual ways, in Toronto, Canada, and around the world.

Conceived by: Darren O’Donnell
Directed by: Jana Eiting, Feroz Syed, Kathy Vuu
Producer: Tina Fance
Local coordinator: Anna Högström (Hangö Teaterträff)