Mart Kangro, Juhan Ulfsak, Eero Epner: Workshop

Price: 20 Length: 1,5 h Language: English

How to hammer nails into wood. How to learn to speak. How to open a door. How to show empathy. How to correctly pull on a sock and get rid of all the suffering caused by guilt. Learning is something that already begins from an embryo and continues for decades until the human molecules dissolve into non-existence. We are not born human; we learn to become so. We learn how to turn our obscure biological body of cells into a human being. Pouring the foundation. Cleaning the bathroom so there aren’t any unsightly stains. Brushing teeth at the right angle. Expressing love. Having the right breathing while giving birth and maintaining our dignity on our deathbed. Come. We know.

Mart Kangro, Juhan Ulfsak ja Eero Epner belong to Estonia’s internationally most prominent performing artists. On their own they have worked with groups such as NO99, Von Krahl, Smeds Ensemble and Münchner Kammerspiele. Their performance called Workshop is their first collective work that premiered at Kanuti Gildi Saal in Tallinn in February 2018.

Idea and performance: Mart Kangro, Juhan Ulfsak, Eero Epner (NO99)
Producer and consultant: Maria Arusoo
Sound design: Artjom Astrov
Light design: Oliver Kulpsoo
Photo: Veiko Tubin
Co-production: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Supported by: Eesti Kultuurkapital
Thank you: Jana Kadastik, Hannes Praks, Kairi Mändla, Reigo Tammjärv, AS MASS